The digital divide and the global pandemic: Historically Black College and University sport management classrooms transitioning to distance learning

The global pandemic has impacted education significantly on all levels for administrators, educators, and students. Programs in higher education have faced the greatest impact in part due to the financial implications related to the learning environment on this level.  Questions connected to the cost of tuition, collegiate sports, and the overall economic sustainability of colleges and universities during the pandemic remain a point of conversation for educators. The purpose of this theoretical article is to examine the challenges that sport management faculty members are experiencing in online instruction at historically black colleges and universities. Furthermore, tactics related to mitigating the challenges experienced in this environment are identified. Examples of learning activities that promote student engagement in sport management virtual classrooms are presented.  The recommendations of supporting educators with faculty development, exploring options of furnishing devices, and utilizing electronic learning resources and applications are offered as solutions to the challenges related to the transition to distance learning during the pandemic.

Article Focus